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Best selling author, mentor and consultant 

Within you is a guiding Light illuminating the path to a more expansive future that is calling you forward. 


Conscious Living enables you to access the profound source of wisdom, insight and intuition guiding you and your business into an even more fulfilling future.

Hundreds of thousands of people in 43 countries around the world have already applied this work to create authentic, powerful lives.

Live a more conscious, fulfilling life


Innate within you is a profound source of wisdom, insight and intuition.


You already have everything you need to lead an even more expansive, authentic and meaningful life.

Access your gifts and ignite the future that is uniquely yours.

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“Every minute that I have spent with Russell, helping me clarify my presenting issue, concern, or opportunity, has been worth its weight in more than gold. The guy has a knack, a gift, and a capability to frame implicit tensions into explicit ones, with realistic paths forward."
David Allen, Founder, Getting Things Done

Freedom? Creativity? Meaning? 

People who live more conscious lives,

experience greater well-being while contributing to the upliftment of everyone else.

We all have a remarkable capacity to develop, from restriction and pain to freedom and inner peace.

We believe everyone has unique gifts and talents, calling them forward into a future.

Ignite your future

Let's explore what is possible for you.



Conscious Mentoring provides the clarity and support to unlock your potential and realize the life of your dreams.​ 


Conscious Businesses require Conscious Leaders and Conscious Teams aligned around a Conscious Strategy. This is where we can help.


Our workshops and webinars create a profound sense of expansion and support while creating ever more conscious lives together.