Conscious Business

Building conscious organizations and inspired leaders

Provoke. Inspire. Ignite.

Many people would like to live in greater comfort, wealth and meaning. Yet, increased wealth, comfort and material world success seldom produce the deeper meaning and sense of purpose we truly seek. 

The missing element is Conscious Leadership. Consciousness is the guiding light.

The future is calling for a new breed of high impact, Conscious Leaders and Businesses.


You are here because you are part of the future that is calling us forward.

"With the variety of challenges that leaders face every day changing by the minute, Russell Bishop has hit on an amazingly simple, and highly effective solution to facing day-to-day business challenges and it works! 


Marshall Goldsmith

Best-selling author: What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Rancho Santa Fe, California

Consciousness and the Conscious Leader

Doing well by serving the greater good

Our experience tells us that conscious leaders are able to facilitate the evolution of consciousness for people both within their own organizations and in the communities they serve.

Are you sensing that you and your business are being called into greater alignment 

with the shift toward Conscious Business that is taking place around the planet?


Are you tired of endless problem solving and overcoming obstacle after obstacle? 

Can you imagine the possibility of stress-free creation and shared benefit for all?

An evolutionary force is emerging favoring Conscious Businesses committed

to the greater good of their customers, employees, partners, investors and communities.

Conscious Business

Magic happens when Conscious Leaders operate from shared vision, inspiring purpose and deeply held values. By creating strategies that align purpose, vision, core values and key indicators, companies thrive, employees flourish, and the market responds favorably.

Conscious Leadership

Executing a Conscious Strategy requires a bedrock of Conscious Leaders who lead from purpose and vision, not simply authority.  Conscious Leaders foster true collaboration and distributed decision-making while building shared accountability.

Conscious Teams

When empowered, inspired teams access their unique gifts and talents, innovation accelerates, customers engage and shareholders become champions. We work with teams to access their full potential, everyone thrives and the business excels.

Workarounds That Work

Workarounds That Work will show you how to take conscious control of challenging situations at work, enabling you to accomplish more of what matters, even when systems, processes or other people seem to get in the way.

"I wish I had this wise counsel when I started my career many years ago. How you define the problem IS the problem is probably the best advice you will ever get to take control of your life and destiny."


Anton Gueth 

Managing Partner, Evolution Life Science Partners

San Francisco, California