Conscious Conversations for MSIA Ministers

Accessing the Inner Master

Almost 40 years ago, J-R shared with me as I was going in for eye surgery that whereas the problem was now physical, the source was not. He explained that I had been straining to see with my physical eyes that which could only be seen with my spiritual eyes. Over the many years which followed, he helped me learn to see and to hear, with my spiritual eyes and ears.

Around the time of J-R's passing in 2014, I began to "see" a new workshop based on learning to see that which is not yet visible, to perceive what is being revealed inwardly that cannot be seen physically. Now that John-Roger is no longer here physically, many of us have been sensing an inner call to step forward in even greater service.

Conscious Conversations for Ministers springs from the deeper calling that Inez and Russell have been experiencing. Apparently, that deeper calling resonates with Ministers across the country as well and we are answering that call as best we can. If you are feeling that invisible pull, please join Russell and Inez for our breakthrough workshop, Conscious Conversations for Ministers.

How Are You Being Called?

Guided by the Inner Master


Many are noticing that with J-R's passing and as Consciousness continues shifting on the planet, we are being called into even greater levels of service through our ministries.

Conscious Conversations for Ministers will explore such important questions as:

  • Where is your Ministry calling you next?

  • How can you be of even greater service to yourself and others?

  • What is being revealed to you that you are not yet seeing?

  • What are you hearing that is not yet audible?

Using a combination of unique exercises, conversations and inner work, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Share your Ministerial Blessing with the other ministers, exploring what’s next

  • Work with the Inner Master to gain greater clarity on what is being revealed

  • Clear aspects of consciousness that may be preventing you from more fully experiencing your Ministry

  • Experience powerful, supportive relationships with other ministers

  • Create an ideal scene and action plan to put what you have discovered in the workshop to work


Schedule & Fee

Due to the experiential nature of the workshop, ending times are approximate


  6:00 pm Start
  9:00 pm End of Day One 



10:00 am Start
  1:00 pm Lunch (catered lunch provided)
  6:00 pm End of Day Two 



10:00 am Start
  1:00 pm Lunch (catered lunch provided)
  5:00 pm End of Day Three

The discounted fee for MSIA Ministers is $350 which includes a catered lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

Dr. Inez Bishop

Inez has 30 years experience working with people to heal consciousness and realign inner levels of energy through the power of forgiveness. She has helped thousands of people around the world rediscover self-acceptance and inner freedom through releasing inner consciousness blocks. Inez was ordained in 1979 and has facilitated a wide range of PTS workshops including the Masters of Spiritual Science and numerous Travelers Through the Ages workshops.


Dr. Bishop has a BA in Psychology from Rowan College, a Doctor of Chiropractic from Sherman College of Chiropractic, an MSS from PTS and has completed her DSS work as well.

Russell Bishop

Russell has been a pioneer since the early days of the personal and professional development movement, helping people activate their dreams. He has authored over 200 articles in such leading publications as The New York Times, Forbes, Strategy & Business, Crain's, The Huffington Post, and Psychology Today. 

Russell was ordained in 1977. He holds bachelor degrees in History and Political Science, a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology from the University of California, Davis, an MSS from PTS and has completed his DSS work as well.

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Mike Visser,

CEO Supersprings, International

Russell and Inez have taken the workshop to an entirely different level. It is breathtakingly spectacular. I'm not sure I have the vocabulary to describe the mastery that Russell brings to the room - regardless of what shows up, it seems the right answer comes forward each and every time. If you have the opportunity, give yourself the luxury of this gift and sign up for Conscious Conversations you will be very, very pleased as you unwrap it. ” 


Mary Ann Somerville

Consultant, Coach & Facilitator

Russell and Inez created a safety that allowed people to talk about, share, and perhaps reveal to themselves some things that had held them back for quite a long time. In that process, amazing healing took place. Participants were able to find a key, an image or a focus to deepen their life experience. It was beautiful – beautiful to be together and have the opportunity to be together in that beautiful Light energy.

David Allen

Chairman, Getting Things Done

Every minute that I have spent with Russell, having him help clarify my presenting issue, concern, or opportunity, has been worth its weight in more than gold. The guy has a knack, a gift, and a capability to frame implicit tensions into explicit ones, with realistic paths forward. He has helped me produce value in my thinking and my decision-making that is irrefutable in its value, both personally and professionally