Your future is calling . . .
Ignite your dreams

Live a more conscious, fulfilling life

Innate within you is a profound source of wisdom, insight and intuition

calling you into an even more vibrant future.


Living from that deeper place is what we call Conscious Living.


While you already have everything you need to lead an even more expansive, authentic and meaningful life, you may not know how to consistently access that wisdom. 

Ignite the future that is uniquely yours - one that takes full advantage of your gifts, passion and talents. 
Learn methodologies, tools and techniques to access the future that is calling you forward. 

Arrange a complimentary consultation to explore what is possible for you. 

Meet Russell

Best selling author, mentor and consultant 

My mission is to help you access the profound source of wisdom, insight and intuition guiding you and your business into a more fulfilling future.

Conscious Living work has profoundly impacted hundreds of thousands of people in 43 countries around the world, supporting them to create more authentic, powerful lives.

You can invent your future so you will never settle for less than who you are.

“Every minute that I have spent with Russell, helping me clarify my presenting issue, concern, or opportunity, has been worth its weight in more than gold. The guy has a knack, a gift, and a capability to frame implicit tensions into explicit ones, with realistic paths forward."
David Allen, Founder, Getting Things Done

Activate your dreams

Do you want more?

Freedom? Creativity? Expansion? Access?

Isn't it time to unlock and activate the future that is calling you?

Release and ignite the wisdom, insight and intuition calling you forward into a future

that embraces your unique gifts and talents.



Live a more conscious, authentic and passionate life.


There is no one else like you in the world.  Your future is as unique as you are. When you live from your inner guidance, well-being is your natural state.


Conscious Mentoring provides the clarity and support to unlock your potential and realize the life of your dreams.


Conscious Business Leaders know there is more to success than just making a profit.


Conscious Leaders thrive on serving the highest good of their customers, employees, partners and communities.


Conscious Businesses require Conscious Leaders and Conscious Teams aligned around a Conscious Strategy. This is where we can help.


While your future is unique, you do not have to go it alone.


Our workshops and webinars create a profound sense of expansion and support.

Learn how to access your intuition and deepest wisdom while co-creating the future of your dreams with other like-minded individuals building ever more conscious lives together.

Are you ready to activate

your seemingly impossible dreams?

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