Conscious Mentoring

Activate the future you truly desire

Are you looking for greater meaning, contribution and fulfillment?


Each of us is connected to a source of deeper wisdom and insight that has been called many things: inspiration, spirit, universal mind, intuition, gut feeling, our authentic self or simply your soul.
That each of us has access to this source is undeniable.

We work with you to access your inner guidance

and discover a powerful, conscious and deeply satisfying future that is distinctly yours.

Uncover, identify and activate the future that is calling you into:

  • Conscious Abundance

  • Conscious Relationships

  • Conscious Health and Well-Being

  • Conscious Career

What's Next for You?

"Perhaps the most important tool is your purpose for the journey.  It works much like a compass, a steady reference point bringing clarity and sharpness to all your other tools.”

-- John-Roger, When Are You Coming Home

"Russell Bishop has served for more than forty years as one of the most respected leaders in the fields of business and personal transformation. You can benefit from his thousands of hours of experience discovering your greater power to create the life you want."


Gay Hendricks, best-selling author, The Big Leap, Conscious Loving Everafter, Conscious Living, Ojai, California

What We Do

Discover the tools and techniques to live more consciously in every aspect of life


Well-being is a natural result of living a conscious, authentic life, aligned with who you truly are.

  • Let your inner wisdom and intuition guide you into what will uplift and nurture you

  • Experience a profound sense of well-being

  • Distinguish between inner knowing and mental gymnastics


Experience the natural state of abundance and prosperity available to you. 

  • You can live a more fully conscious, abundant and prosperous life

  • Discover and experience your natural source of abundance

  • Awaken to and live in gratitude for the blessings that surround you


Relationships can be our greatest source of joy and our most troubling experiences.


  • Create greater intimacy in your personal relationships

  • Release blocks holding you back and access the loving, caring and sharing you deserve.  ​

  • Identify, forgive and release deep wounds that create separation


Experience a level of richness and depth beyond your current level of success.

  • Gracefully and powerfully bring to life the next chapters in your life

  • Explore the difference between what you want and why you want it

  • Release patterns preventing you from activating your dreams

"Russell introduces the clever and empowering concept of how NOT to be defeated by the ordinary problems of life, whether professional or personal. Who doesn't need that type of advice?"


Caroline Myss, Best-selling author, including Anatomy of the Spirit and Sacred Contracts