Dave Rosener

"Russell Bishop provides sage advice and practical methods for everybody who battles bureaucracy, barriers, and tall mountains to produce better outcomes and meaningful results quickly.  All we need to do is bottle up the common sense, apply and the world would be a better place indeed."

"Conscious Conversations helped me take a deeper look at myself, relaxing and accepting some of my deeper energies and awarenesses.  The process has been carrying forward as I continue to explore, expand and see what the next chapter of my life is all about."

"Russell has an uncanny ability to connect strategic vision to tactical results. His ability to clarify issues and create alignment with individuals and teams paves the way to produce short and long term outcomes that move initiatives forward."

"With the variety of challenges that leaders face every day changing by the minute, Russell Bishop has hit on an amazingly simple and highly effective solution to facing day-to-day business challenges and it works! I am thrilled to give him the highest recommendation!"

“My experience was the most powerful gateway to new possibilities I have experienced in my living memory. The facilitators steered us through a safe experience of exploration, challenging at just the right times, allowing each of us to explore our own gateways into possibility.”

"Russell has a unique combination of wisdom, intuition, and the smarts to get things working well quickly. When Russell speaks, he gets immediately to the heart of the matter, and the right things start happening."

“Russell possesses an uncommon ability to inspire clarity and provoke transformational change.  His powerful approach bridges the vast gap between theory and practical application.”

“ . . . masterful facilitation. . . Whether or not you come in clear about what you want in life, unexpected value takes place.”

The brilliant coaching, wisdom and guidance Russell Bishop provided was nothing short of brilliant. I came away with priceless clarity, growth and healing ~ these are gifts you cannot buy, but rather gifts you receive when you invest in yourself.”

"Russell is the consultant's consultant and one of the world's truly strategic executive coaches. He sees every situation through the lens of what it might become, where it might lead, and what possibilities might unfold."

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