Workshops & Webinars

Unleash the power of a more conscious life

While your future is unique, you don't have to go it alone

Have you ever felt the pull of something, but were unclear what that call was and where it was directing you? Would you like greater access to your intuition or natural knowing? 


Experience a profound sense of expansion, collaboration and support 

while you discover deeper levels of consciousness and how to live from that place.

Access your intuition, your natural knowing, and your deepest wisdom, so you can

live an even more fully authentic life, aligned around what truly matters most.

How do you know if Conscious Living is for you?

"Russell Bishop continues to be the master facilitator. His sweet provocative questions, general wisdom, and divine humor and compassion are always at work. The others around the table make for an intellectual feast and calm healing place."


John O'Neil,

Center for Leadership Renewal 

Best-selling author, The Paradox of Success

Conscious Conversations:
Spiritual Journey

Discover the tools and insights to access deeper layers of your intuition and natural knowing, what we call your Inner Master. 

  • How is Spirit or Consciousness calling you forward?

  • Discover the power and strength to achieve what truly matters most 

  • Create a practical roadmap and next steps for actualizing your vision

Conscious MasterMind 

For those seeking to connect, support and inspire one another to greater levels of success and fulfillment.

  • Where are you in your personal and business life now:?

  • Connect and collaborate with other committed, authentic individuals 

  • Provoke - Inspire - Catalyze - Create

“I came to realize that there is a side to who I am that I have not been too aware of – that is my Spiritual side – through the support and guidance of my fellow participants, Conscious Living helped me open my eyes. There are many more steps to take and I am very grateful for the opportunity to move forward on this journey.”

Torsten Gunnarson, Senior Partner, VIK-ING Business

Malmö, Sweden